Few words about us

Excellence, Commitment and Credibility

Since 1958, ANDYS Driving School strives to provide excellent customer services and top of the line driving lessons. All our teachers, instructors, and customer service agents are patient professionals, dynamic and experienced.

We are committed to continuous improvements through:

  • Enhancing our skills in order to better serve your needs and stand out.
  • Constantly introducing new teaching methods and educational resources to make your learning experience beneficial.

Our credibility is unmatched. With us you are not numbers: We are dedicated to provide each client a personalized service thus catering to everyone’s needs.


Why Andys?

Driving is a complex task that requires persistent vigilance and visual exploration. Anticipation, pro- action, and good judgment are essential to acquire the profile of a safe, responsible and cooperative driver.

Our teachers and instructors transfer the necessary knowledge and prepare you to share the road safely and responsibly. Our office agents offer a warm service and are ready to answer all your questions 5/7.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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Professional and trustworthy persistence

Our presence in the market since 1958 demonstrates a professional and trustworthy persistence. In addition, the following features distinguish the services of Andy’s driving school:

  • Prices are competitive.
  • Instructors are patient and hold long years of experience.
  • Cars are new and well maintained.
  • 75% of our students got their driver’s license at their first try in 2016. Our success rate stands out by 13% above the average for SAAQ Centers located in Montreal and its suburbs.
  • Service is personalized and attends to the specific needs of each client.
  • Follow up of each student’s progress is ongoing.
  • Driving courses are offered 7/7.
  • Offices are very accessible and located at the bus stops.
  • Scheduling of theoretical and practical courses is flexible.
  • Many payment options are available.
  • Appointments for your driving license tests are booked by the school for free.
  • Our services extend beyond the completion of your driving lessons. Take advantage of the opportunity to rent the vehicle on which you practiced for your driving test at the license bureau.