The Road Safety Education Program

The Road Safety Education Program promotes safe, cooperative, responsible and independent driving.
It targets the following clients:

  • Those who are almost 16 years old
  • Those who do not have a driving license from another country and who have not passed a theory test at Quebec’s license bureau before 17 January, 2010


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It includes:

  • 12 theory modules
  • 15 in-car sessions
  • Free access to online driving theory test questions
  • Options to pay by 6 or more installments
  • Book
  • In-car handbook


Andy’s Driving School offers the program in French, English, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu and Bengali. For more information, or courses in foreign languages, please Contact Us.

Minister Price for the courses is set at 1,024$ + taxes. This price does not include books. We offer one book for theory and a guide for in-car sessions.
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Refresher courses

Different packages are available to assess your skills and improve your driving. These tailored packages aim to:

  • Make sure you are ready for the driving exam at the license bureau
  • Help you acquire the profile of a safe, responsible and independent driver

You can choose among different packages, depending on your needs:

Number of In-Car Sessions Aim of In-Car Session(s) Price per Session
1 Evaluate your skills and identify weak points $ 50
4 to 6 Assess your skills and improve few techniques $ 48.5
12 Develop technical skills or improve all your driving techniques $ 47
15 Develop all technical and soft skills $ 46

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Private theory lessons

Private theory lessons in the presence of an instructor in several languages: this package is available for newcomers who do neither speak English nor French and for those who must retake a driving theory test at the license bureau (S.A.A.Q)

The price of these theory lessons depends on the number of lessons, the teaching method and the language. Our driving school allows you to accelerate the process of getting your license by helping you review different types of driving test questions and principles.

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Manual Standard driving course

Standard driving course is offered to holders of probationary and class 5 driving license who wish to learn how to drive a manual car.
The fee per session depends on the package of choice.

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