Car Rental

for the S.A.A.Q Practical Exam

Is your driving test coming up?

Rent a car which is compliant with S.A.A.Q. standards!

At Andys Driving School, our goal is to provide our students with the best possible support during their S.A.A.Q practical exams. As you schedule your S.A.A.Q road test in Laval, consider renting our car for the day of your test. Our school is a 10-minutes drive from the S.A.A.Q service center. Ace your driving exam at S.A.A.Q, in Laval, with Andys Driving School!

Our package includes :

Personalized support :

A representative from our school will be there to guide you the day of the exam. Having a professional knowledgeable person is an added benefit that offers invaluable support and reassurance during this critical moment. You'll also be able to ask any last-minute questions you may still have, before your exam.

Reduced travel time and cost:

Instead of having to pick up your certificate at the office, it will be handed to you by our representative on the day of your practical test.

A familiar car from Andys:

Get a car you've driven at Andys driving school. This ensures greater comfort and confidence, while reducing stress levels on the big day of your S.A.A.Q practical test. Make your road test a resounding success with our trusted car rental service.

Car rental for the S.A.A.Q. practical exam

Avoid last-minute stress by booking our car rental services today! you can also call our office for more information. Do your road test at SAAQ in Laval with confidence by choosing Andys Driving School’s convenient car rental packages.

Rest assured! Our vehicles are regularly inspected to ensure compliance with S.A.A.Q. requirements.


Our car rental rates, for the S.A.A.Q. practical test, are competitive and our package offers a full-fledged service.

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Easily accessible in the heart of Laval

Conveniently located in Laval, we are easily accessible for all your driving needs.

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+1 (450) 663-1594


2084 Boul. Des Laurentides, Laval, H7M 2Y6, Quebec

Cartier metro station :

Bus 17, 27, 31, 43, 73 and 74

In addition, our second location in Pierrefonds only offers refresher courses. Registration for Pierrefonds is by phone or e-mail only.

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