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Préparez-vous pour l’examen théorique à la S.A.A.Q

Notre école vous offre des cours théoriques, avec une expertise sans pareille, afin de vous aider à réussir l’examen théorique à la S.A.A.Q. Chez Andys, nous créons un environnement d’apprentissage où chaque question trouve sa réponse, et chaque élève améliore ses connaissances.

Une Formation Personnalisée
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Chez l’école de conduite Andys, nos cours théoriques privés sont la clé de votre réussite à l’examen théorique.

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Pourquoi nous sommes la meilleure école de conduite

Julia PhoenixJulia Phoenix
22:49 17 Aug 23
Andys is an excellent driving school. The entire team is professional and concerned about the progress and success of the students, the service is personalized. Ms. Rola, the owner, is honest, rigorous and honest. I obtained my license 30 years ago with this school and my daughter passed the theoretical and practical exam on the first try thanks to their exemplary teaching.
Nadine SNadine S
10:54 14 Jul 23
I don't regret having enrolled my daughter there. Very good school.
16:36 31 May 22
Amazing school. Passed my exam first try because of their great teaching.
David CicconeDavid Ciccone
18:36 08 Apr 22
Great driving school. Passed first shot
Tania CTania C
00:06 21 Oct 21
I started at Andy's 7 years ago. I ended up giving up because I was too scared to drive. Today I can finally say, I passed my SAAQ exam! I can't thank Nazar and Rola enough for everything they have done for me. I'm so thankful for everything they have thaught me. They were absolutely right, if I do exactly has they have thought me I will pass my exam. They were right. They gave me the courage and confidence to go ahead and finish my courses till the end. This school truly believes in all there students and there capability of passing there SAAQ exam. I'm so thankful for all of there hard work. They accomadate you so well with your schedule. I work in health and it's sometimes very hard to get around with that type of schedule but they made it work for me, which I love about them! Thank you Rola for giving me the confidence I needed the day of my exam. This goes out to all the staff, keep up your hard work, you are truly amazing and truly payed off
khaled afghanikhaled afghani
18:27 15 Oct 21
These guys got me done during the pandemic in just under a year while all my other friends from other schools were complaining about being delayed. They were the only ones to inform me of their success rate. The staff is professional and are always trying their hardest to keep you on track. If you're going to attend a driving school, I don't recommend you buy the book as much as they make it seem relevant, everything you need to study and prepare for the exam is already on the saaq website for free.
Oliver TeghoOliver Tegho
17:43 05 May 21
I had the pleasure to attend driving courses at Ecole de conduite Andys! it was really great, they taught me the best way to drive and honestly the exam was so easy because of the school and what I learned at Andys. The service was great, and I really recommend it to everyone.
Christina C.Christina C.
15:45 14 Oct 20
Great experience! I had a wonderful monitor, Nazar, who took the time each lesson explaining to me my strenghts and weaknesses. Great organization and good people working there, I passed my driving exam on my first try because of my higher than average experience at this school!
Maria-Joey ASMaria-Joey AS
23:57 17 Feb 20
I had an amazing experience with you guys! The teachers are amazing and they helped me from the beginning to the end. They also told me that if I listen to their instructions I will pass from the first time and this actually worked! I want to thank you for everything and I'm really happy that I went to Andy's. My sister is currently a student at your school and my parents will for sure register my second sister later. Thank you for everything and I highly recommend this driving school to everyone out there.

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Idéalement situés à Laval, nous sommes facilement accessibles pour tous vos besoins en matière de conduite.

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2084 Boul. Des Laurentides, Laval, H7M 2Y6, Québec

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En outre, notre deuxième emplacement à Pierrefonds offre uniquement des cours de perfectionnement. Les inscriptions pour Pierrefonds se font seulement par téléphone ou courriel.

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